World Car Free Day - Volvo 🌎
ROLE: Art director
medium: digital, experiential, PR
Volvo Cars is celebrating World Car Free Day with a limited edition shoe inspired by the new Volvo XC40 Recharge—because every step towards a sustainable future matters.
Case Study
Directly Inspired by the New Volvo XC40
In Collaboration with
an Earth-Friendly Footwear Brand, Casca
The shoes sold out in 16 hours
Reached 70% of the intended audience
Cost per engagement was 80% lower than average
Estimated recall lift was 50% higher than average
Created and launched in Canada, the campaign got rolled out across North America, getting noticed in 7 different countries
Featured in The Times, Autonews, MediaPost, CarBuzz and more
Canadian Marketing Association Awards "Engagement in Automotive Advertising"
Thank you!
Creative Direction: Dan Bache, Jamie Spears
Art Direction: Andrew Reutsky

I wish to thank Dan Bache for bringing me on this project.

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