Breathe to Grow - Centre for Mindfulness Studies 🧘🏻
ROLE: director & PRODUCer
Type:  PROACTIVE Project
Transit shelter
Just like the climate crisis, the mental health crisis is a severe issue the youth faces. Although eager to fight climate change, teenagers often overlook their mental health. And to draw attention to the ‘environ-mental’ issue, meditation meets climate change.
Bus Card
For every 30 minutes a teenager meditates, the Mindfulness Studies Organization will plant a tree.
It was essential to recognize the struggle and encourage teens to meditate in trying times while mitigating the risk of appearing cringey. Visually, that meant using an uplifting colour scheme, a trustworthy old-style serif typeface, and imperfect flat illustrations.
RGD Student Awards "Advertising Design"
RGD Student Awards "Social Good Design"
Featured in the 2022 Communication Arts annual
Thank you!
The author wishes to thank Daisy Liu, Olivia Zee, Jennifer Mercer, Eric Forest, Dejan Djuric, Geoff Baillie, Jacob Pacey, Tekla Nagel, Steve St. Jean, Allie Keith and Daniel Szczepanek for their review and suggestions.

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