My name is Andrew Reutsky, and I like being outdoors. 🏔

I also like science, bikes, pizza, and my craft. And pizza.

Who am I?
I was born in a family of doctors and raised in Siberia, Russia. I then moved to Toronto to study advertising at Humber College. I graduated with honours, and I now work as an Art Director at Leo Burnett, where I further develop my design abilities and nurture my creative mind. I enjoy riding a bicycle, reading books, and hiking with friends in my free time.
What do I do?
I translate creative ideas into a visual language, earning a place in people’s lives. I’m an award-winning art director, and my work has been featured in the world’s largest journal of visual communications, Communication Arts. I have worked with Nestlé, Volvo Cars, Kellogg’s and many health & wellness brands, including Moderna, GSK, and the World Health Organization. I excel in teamwork, believe in going the extra mile, and my work has a special place in my heart.
Why do I do it?
Solving a problem, answering the brief, pursuing and finding that single best idea, solution and then sharing it with the whole world is what ignites me. And there's always an idea behind an ad—that's why I love advertising. I love smart, strategic work that helps solve real-world problems. I also enjoy fun, lighthearted work that makes people smile.