Niagara Food & Wine ūüć∑
ROLE: director & PRODUCer
Type: School project
The Niagara Food & Wine establishment, owned and operated by the Gusteau family for over 60 years, is known for pristine quality. It serves as a gathering place for food and wine lovers who pay homage to creativity, flair and culinary expression. Aiming to establish a brand identity that would marry the renowned winery with a restaurant, I created this project.
Direct Mail
The direct mail piece includes helpful information and features a tear-out coupon that people can redeem at the winery. The work fits in a #10 envelope, folds in half, and, thanks to the bottle-shaped die-cut, stands out.
Bottle Label
Niagara Food & Wine's emblem originates from the shape of a grape and the movement of pouring wine. The lines resemble vineyard rows and further emphasize the liveliness of Niagara’s pristine wine.
Featured in the 2022 Communication Arts annual
Thank you!
The author wishes to thank Sarah Nasby, Judy Wood, Dejan Djuric, Scott McMann, and Eric Forest for their review and suggestions.

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