RGD names me as one of the 7 most impactful designers under 35 years old. 💥
RGD, the largest graphic design association in Canada, celebrated my work for community impact, design excellence and effectiveness, including me in the list of 7 most impactful designers under 35 years old, making me a Finalist at UltraBold Awards.
"Andrew has powerfully persuasive, high concept and ethical work that looks fantastic."
Wilson Wong, Judge and Partner, Creative Director at Everbrave
World Car Free Day - Volvo Cars
Volvo Cars is celebrating World Car Free Day with a limited edition shoe inspired by the new Volvo XC40 Recharge—because every step towards a sustainable future matters.
Breathe to Grow - Centre for Mindfulness Studies
While eager to fight climate change, teenagers often overlook their mental health. And just like the climate crisis, the mental health crisis is a severe issue the youth faces. To draw attention to the ‘environ-mental’ problem, meditation meets climate change.
Buy or Bye St. John's - St. John's Board of Trade
Shopping on Amazon has become the default to the residents of Newfoundland, but the long-term consequences it may have on
their community are unclear. To encourage people to shop locally,
this campaign makes the complex economic issue understandable
 to everyone.
The announcement comes shortly after Communication Arts included me in the list of fifteen most promising visual communications students in the world.

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