Communication Arts names me as
one of the fifteen most promising visual communications students in the world. 📖
Recognized for "a distinctive approach to creative problem solving and producing work at a professional level," I have been named as one of the fifteen most promising visual communications students in the world and given a full page in this year’s annual to show my work and talk about what drives me — here is what I had to share.
Cultural Influences
I was born in a family of doctors and raised in Siberia. After graduating from high school, I moved to Toronto to study advertising. Coming to a big city was an eye-opening experience that led me to think about inequality. And I’m inspired by hardworking and compassionate people.
Artistic Influences
I’m interested in both art and science. Hence, I admire all kinds of people: Frédéric Chopin for his authenticity, Leo Tolstoy for his depth of thought and Jackson Pollock for his eloquence. I’m fascinated by technology and find peace in nature.
Dream Job
On a talented, passionate team. I believe the right people make the work great.
And I want to work with the best.
Featured Projects
Breathe to Grow - Centre for Mindfulness Studies
While eager to fight climate change, teenagers often overlook their mental health. And just like the climate crisis, the mental health crisis is a severe issue the youth faces. To draw attention to the ‘environ-mental’ problem, meditation meets climate change.
Hawaii Starts Here - Hawaiian Airlines
People in Hawaii wear a different kind of masks. By bringing the daunting situation we're all in and its symbol, a face mask, into a positive light, this campaign breaks the uncertainty of a pandemic into an actionable solution – flying to Hawaii – and encourages people to smile again.
Niagara Food & Wine
Niagara Food & Wine is a restaurant with its own vineyard. It serves as a gathering place for food and wine lovers who pay homage to creativity, flair and culinary expression. I created this project to establish a brand identity that would unite the renowned restaurant and a winery.

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