Adopt an Animal - Toronto Zoo¬†ūü¶ė
Role: ART DirectOR & PRODUCEr
Type: School Project
People may not realize that¬†wildlife needs human care. The ‚ÄúAdopt an Animal‚ÄĚ program at the Toronto Zoo provides care to wildlife by funding conservation efforts. This campaign brings attention to the program by asking, how would a regular family take care of a wild animal?
In Progress
Panda sitting at the head of the table chews on a bamboo plant, neglecting a home-made meal in front of him (a classic trope of a family dinner scene)
Thank you!
Art Direction: Andrew Reutsky
Copywriting: Isabel Ross

The team wishes to thank Emerson Pearson, Korey Thomas, Laurie LaBelle, Sarah Nasby, Sylvie Pustaszeri, Dejan Djuric, Nathan Maynard, Charlie Likely, Robin Heisey, Allie Keith, and Daniel Szczepanek for their review and suggestions.

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